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About Us

Welcome to 7 Kings Market, an authentic naturally leavened sourdough bread micro-bakery located in Barrington, Rhode Island. We pride ourselves on baking delicious bread using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, never compromising on taste or quality.

Our bakery is a small family-owned business that was founded with the goal of bringing wholesome, organic bread to the local community. We believe in the value of locally sourced ingredients and supporting our fellow small businesses.

Our sourdough bread is made the traditional way, using a natural sourdough starter and undergoing a slow fermentation process, resulting in a flavorful and healthy bread option. We offer a variety of bread sizes and flavors, from classic sourdough to sweet fruit and nut combinations.

The story behind 7 Kings Market & bakery

From Unschooling to Entrepreneur Life

7 Kings Market is a family-owned business that began with a simple goal to provide homemade, fresh bread for our family. Dissatisfied with store-bought cereal for breakfast, I decided to take matters into our own hands and make my own delicious bread.

My journey started with learning how to make Japanese Milk bread using a bread machine. However, even with the machine, the results were not up to our expectations. I wanted our bread to taste like the ones I had while growing up in Hong Kong. So I began experimenting with different techniques and recipes.

During this process, a friend gifted me a jar of sourdough starter, which introduced me to a whole new world of baking. I embraced this new “child” and embarked on the adventure of learning to bake sourdough bread.

With persistence, failure, and continuous study, I gradually improved my bread-making skills. I started sharing my creations with family and friends, including those involved in homeschooling. The positive feedback encouraged me to take a leap and offer our bread to the local community through farmers’ markets.

Meet The Baker

Hello 你好 everyone! I’m Po Tim King.

Let me introduce myself.

I was born and raised in the vibrant city of Hong Kong. I have the privilege of being a mother to five beautiful children. Being a mother is no easy task, but it is a role that brings me immense joy and fulfillment.

One of the unique aspects of our family is that we speak both Cantonese and English. We believe that language is an important tool for communication and learning, and we want our children to be able to navigate both cultures and languages with ease.

In our household, we have chosen a rather unconventional approach to education. We practice unschooling, which means that we prioritize real-life experiences and the enjoyment of learning over traditional schooling methods. We believe that education should be a journey of discovery and self-motivated learning. It’s been an incredible adventure for our family so far, and we hope to continue nurturing a love for knowledge in our children.

Teaching is a passion of mine. I take every opportunity to share what I know with others. I teach piano, vocals, and whatever else I can offer to serve those around me. It brings me great joy to see my students grow and develop their skills.

In fact, when I had my third child, I felt inspired to start a blog called Fortune Cookie Mom. Through this platform, I share my homeschooling experiences and provide Chinese printables and resources to families all over the world. It’s been a wonderful way of connecting with like-minded individuals and building a supportive community.

Now, if you were to ask me if I ever dreamed of becoming a baker, the answer would be a resounding no! It’s quite amusing to think about it because I didn’t even grow up with an oven in my kitchen. The only cooking tools I had were a wok and a pan.

However, life has a funny way of surprising us. Somewhere along the way, I discovered a newfound love for baking. It started as a hobby, but it has now become a passion of mine. I feel an immense sense of pride and gratification when I create delicious treats for my family, friends, and neighbors.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve my local community through my baking. The smiles and joy that my creations bring to people’s faces make every effort worthwhile. It’s a wonderful feeling to contribute to the happiness of those around me in a simple yet meaningful way.

In conclusion, my journey has been filled with beautiful experiences and opportunities for growth. As a mother, teacher, and baker, I continue to learn and evolve. I am grateful for the chance to raise my children in a way that values their individuality and nurtures their love for learning. I am thankful for the connections I’ve made through my blog and the joy I can bring through my baking. Life is indeed a beautiful adventure, and I am excited to see where it takes me next.